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U@UNSW currently partners with 55 schools in the Sydney metropolitan area and 15 regional or remote schools in NSW.

U@UNSW improves the chances of HSC students receiving an offer to study at UNSW by considering other selection measures alongside the HSC.  

The program aims to:

  • build academic skills to enhance ATAR scores
  • familiarise students with academic culture and university life

Students who complete the full U@UNSW program will also be considered for a scholarship to help with university costs after they enrol at UNSW.


    Who can attend U@UNSW?

    As a partner school, you are invited to nominate all the Year 11 students who meet the criteria below to participate in U@UNSW.  Students should be considered to have the potential to undertake study at a tertiary level that has been demonstrated in other ways, but will not necessarily be reflected in HSC attainment. 

    Students from U@UNSW partner schools should fulfil the following criteria:

    1. be from a disadvantaged background and as a consequence, considered to have experienced disadvantage that may limit their attainment in HSC/ATAR
    2. be an Australian or New Zealand citizen or a permanent resident of Australia (including a holder of a permanent humanitarian visa)
    3. be anticipating a median band ATAR in HSC between 70–80 minimum; AND 
    4. have a desire to attend university post school – including UNSW as an option. 

    Application dates

    Applications for U@UNSW open in June and close in August annually.  We will notify you by letter at the appropriate time to register your students.

    Key program dates

    Our Key Dates page lists the month in which our major activities occur and also lists important events that students and their parents can attend.

    School Involvement

    Each school nominates the Year 11 students who are interested in studying at UNSW to apply for the U@UNSW program.  There is no cap on the number of students you can nominate to register for U@UNSW.

    To help us in the administration of the program, schools are asked to appoint a U@UNSW School Coordinator. 

    The U@UNSW School Coordinator will be responsible for:

    • nominating the Year 11 students eligible to register for U@UNSW
    • liaising with the U@UNSW team to coordinate student paperwork, such as completing the School Recommendation forms
    • collecting parent/carer consent forms and sending them to the U@UNSW team
    • communication between U@UNSW, the school and the students
    • ensuring student applications are completed
    • encouraging students to commit to the program and turn up to all activities, conferences and workshops when required
    • collecting the assessment tasks on completion of the program and sending them to U@UNSW.

    Registering students

    Once the U@UNSW team have the names of your nominated students, students will be required to:

    • complete an online application and obtain their parent/carer consent to participate in the activities at UNSW. The link to the form will be emailed to the students  
    • return the parent/carer consent forms to their School Coordinators on time
    • check their emails regularly to keep up to date on program dates and deadlines. 

    What if my school is not a current partner?  

    There may be an opportunity for us to increase the number of partner schools involved in U@UNSW.

    If you are interested in joining the U@UNSW program, send us an email to and our team will contact you to discuss the possibility.

    This is a fantastic opportunity for our students. U@UNSW has already become part of the school culture, with younger students asking when they can apply. It also allows us to reward students who work hard, but are often overlooked.

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