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Parents and Carers

U@UNSW gives your child the opportunity to improve their chances of getting an offer to study at UNSW Australia.  University selection is currently based on your child’s achievement in HSC and their ATAR score. U@UNSW takes into account circumstances that may have impacted on your child’s HSC and ATAR score.

By completing U@UNSW not only can your child’s chances of an offer to study at UNSW improve, but it will also give them valuable academic skills.

There are two U@UNSW programs.  One is tailored for our Sydney partner schools involving on-campus visits to UNSW.  The other program is for our regional and remote partner schools and is available online. Both programs provide ongoing support from UNSW staff.

U@UNSW On Campus

U@UNSW is a fun and engaging program of activities across eight days on Kensington campus.  Additionally, we offer other services, events and activities designed to support your child’s transition into UNSW.  

  • During Years 11 and 12, your child will attend two Conferences (three days in September and four days in January) on campus at UNSW to develop their academic skills and to learn about university life.  
  • In March, your child will also attend a one-day essay writing workshop on campus where we provide support to help your child improve their writing skills.
  • We engage tutors to assist your child in their HSC subjects and we help them to prepare for and apply to university.  
  • Once your child has completed our conferences and workshops, we’ll show them how to apply for up to three additional points for entry to UNSW.
  • Finally, after commencing to UNSW, we’ll provide UNSW student mentors to help your child to settle into university life in their first year.

Every step of the way, U@UNSW is there to support your child and make their transition from high school to university as smooth as possible.

U@UNSW Online

Students registered for U@UNSW Online will complete the same assessment task as students involved in U@UNSW On Campus. They will also be given online tutoring and are encouraged to join the U@UNSW Online Facebook page. They can meet other students online and become involved in discussion forums. UNSW lecturers, tutors and U@UNSW staff will be available throughout the program to support and advise students.

If your child gains an offer at UNSW and enrols, your child can apply for a scholarship which is awarded to the top students in recognition of their achievement in the program.

After commencing at UNSW, UNSW student mentors will be provided to help your child to settle in to university life in their first year.

How you can help your child

  • Find out more about the U@UNSW program and encourage your child to complete all the tasks.  The more they involve themselves in the program, the more rewarding their HSC and university experience will be.
  • If registered for the U@UNSW On Campus program, your child must attend each day of the student conferences.  
    For regional and remote students registered for U@UNSW Online, we recommend at least one hour a week outside school hours be set aside to complete the set tasks.
  • View our Key Dates page
  • Find out more about UNSW and the huge number of courses available to study.
  • Visit UNSW Open Day in September where you can find out more about the university, the courses available, its facilities and support services, meet some of the staff, and engage in activities and information sessions.
  • Check out other scholarships your child may be eligible for at UNSW Scholarships and UAC Equity Scholarships.

If you require more information about U@UNSW, contact us at or call us on 02 9385 9416.

Students and their families have very little experience with tertiary education and uni in particular. This experience takes away the fear of the unknown. The academic essay allows them to experience what will be expected of them and is a great confidence booster when they are successful. They are able to apply what they have learned to their HSC studies and this has resulted in improved performances.

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