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Course dates and times

Conference 1 2015:

  • Tuesday, 29 September
  • Wednesday, 30 September
  • Thursday, 1 October

Conference 2 2016:

  • Monday, 18 January
  • Tuesday, 19 January
  • Wednesday, 20 January
  • Thursday, 21 January

Please note: Attendance is compulsory at all sessions

You will be assessed on:

  1. Producing a 1000 word essay 
    • Worth 50% of overall mark
    • Due Friday, 6 November
  2. Presenting your group work
    • 33% of overall mark
    • To be delivered 21 January
  3. Participating in Quizzes
    • 17% of overall mark
    • To be held in class on 29, 30 September, 1 October and 19 January

Need some help?

You can contact U@UNSW staff at any time.

Academic questions: or through the U@UNSW On Campus Facebook page

Other questions:

Other students: U@UNSW On Campus Facebook page

Assessment Coversheet and Study Tips

Remember, you must attach a completed Assessment Coversheet to your essay when you submit it.

You can download the Assessment Coversheet here...

Word version PDF version

Organising your time is one way you can balance your workload with your social life and the things you like doing.

Tips on Time Management can be found here...

Tips on Time Management

A Weekly Planner can be found here...

 Weekly Planner