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U@UNSW On Campus


Year 11 students from our metropolitan partner schools join in two conferences on campus at Kensington. The first conference is held over three days in late September and the second conference is held over four days in January.  You must attend each day.

You will be set a university-level research and essay assessment task and attend lectures and tutorials just like real university students.

To help complete the assessment task, the program offers an additional essay writing workshop, with tutors on hand to guide you through university-style essay writing.

Experiencing a university campus is a key component to the program. You will participate in university-style learning as well as become familiar with the size of the campus and its facilities and services. Having the opportunity to meet large groups of new people and make new friends also helps build important social skills.


Program Outline

U@UNSW On Campus will open your mind and open doors to opportunities. You will gain valuable skills and improve your chances of getting an offer to study at UNSW. 

A student mentoring program is also available for your first year, to help you settle in to university life at UNSW. 

The U@UNSW On Campus program includes:

  • attending lectures and participating in tutorials
  • completing a university-level assessment task
  • workshops aimed at improving research skills, academic essay writing and critical thinking required to complete the task
  • participating in student conferences held on campus
  • an opportunity to sit the uniTEST, an aptitude test provided by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) to assess reasoning and thinking skills 
  • tutoring throughout your final year of high school to help with subject preparation for the Higher School Certificate (HSC)
  • assistance with the university application process.