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High School Students

U@UNSW gives you the opportunity to improve your chances of getting an offer to study at UNSW Australia.  The program considers other selection methods alongside your HSC results in making you an offer to UNSW. 

Sometimes circumstances and situations beyond your control occur that can have an impact on your ATAR score.  Your ATAR score may not be the best way to show how well you will do at university.

So if you’re thinking about going to university, participating in U@UNSW could be the key to helping you secure a place at UNSW.

Why join U@UNSW?

If you successfully complete the program, not only will you improve your academic skills and make new friends but you will also earn up to three bonus points towards your university application to UNSW.

The U@UNSW program includes:

  • participating in tutorials
  • completing a university-level assessment task
  • professional support aimed at improving your research skills, academic essay writing and critical thinking to help you complete the task
  • an opportunity to sit the uniTEST, an aptitude test provided by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), to assess your reasoning and thinking skills 
  • tutoring throughout your final year of high school to help you with the subjects you are preparing for in the Higher School Certificate (HSC)
  • help with your university application towards improving your chances of entry to UNSW.

To gain the maximum benefits from U@UNSW, students must participate in all aspects of the program and complete the assessment task on time.

If you successfully complete the U@UNSW program and are offered a place at UNSW and enrol, you may also receive a scholarship towards your university costs in recognition of your achievement in the program.

A peer mentoring program is available for all U@UNSW students on arrival at UNSW to help you settle into your first year of university life.


U@UNSW On Campus

Registered metropolitan students will attend two student conferences on campus and participate in lectures, tutorials and workshops all aimed at helping you write the essay and improve your presentation skills.

The first conference is held over three days in late September. The second conference is held over four days in January. You must attend each day.

A two-hour essay writing workshop is available on campus to help you improve your writing skills.

U@UNSW Online 

For regional and remote students participating in U@UNSW Online,  you will be set the same assessment task and have access to the same information and help as U@UNSW on Campus. 

You will also receive online tutoring and a chance to join our U@UNSW Online Facebook Page to connect with others on the program and participate in forums.  Our friendly staff will be available to answer your questions either via email or over the phone throughout the program.

Do I have to complete the program?

Yes.  Once you register for U@UNSW, you will need to commit to completing the full program to gain the maximum benefits that will help you succeed at university. 

For metropolitan students, this means attending each day of the two student conferences.  

For all students it means the assessment task must be completed and handed in on time and fully participating in all aspects of the program.

Who can participate in U@UNSW?

Only Year 11 students from one of U@UNSW's partner schools can register for the program.


What does U@UNSW involve?

The program aims to prepare you for university-style learning.  You will be set an assessment task involving researching and writing a university-style essay and giving a presentation. Don’t worry – we will give you plenty of assistance to complete the task along the way.

How do I find out more information about U@UNSW?

You can phone or email us for more information:

T: 02 9385 9416 / fax: 02 9385 9398

If you are already registered for U@UNSW, make sure you regularly check your emails for important dates and information we send you.

Check out our Key Dates page for upcoming events and deadlines.

When I was in Year 12, I participated in the U@UNSW program and it helped me gain the extra points I needed for the course I wanted! I really wanted to become an Ambassador so I could share my story with high school students and help them on their path to success.

U@UNSW Ambassador