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About U@UNSW

The U@UNSW program is designed to improve access to UNSW for students from backgrounds that are generally under-represented in university. The aim of U@UNSW is to enable high school students from our partner schools to set their sights on studying at UNSW.

On its own, the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) is not always the best measure of a student’s potential academic success.  For students experiencing difficult circumstances beyond their control, or living in regional or remote locations, their ATAR score may not accurately reflect how well they could do at university.

U@UNSW takes into account the impact those circumstances may have on a student’s ATAR. The program provides students opportunities to explore and develop their academic potential.  They are able to experience the university learning environment first-hand, as well as receive ongoing academic assistance during their final school year.

We’ve developed a fun and engaging program that builds their academic skills and helps them feel more confident about university study and making UNSW their first choice of university.

Benefits of U@UNSW

 All students registered for the program:

  • participate in lectures and tutorials
  • complete a university-level assessment task
  • receive professional support to improve research skills, academic essay writing and critical thinking
  • are offered an opportunity to sit the uniTEST, an aptitude test provided by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), to assess reasoning and thinking skills
  • receive tutoring throughout their final year of high school to help with their subject preparation for the Higher School Certificate (HSC)
  • are provided assistance with the university application process.

Successful completion of the program can bring students closer to being offered a place at UNSW. 

In addition, if offered a place at UNSW and they enrol, students are eligible to apply for a scholarship towards their university costs in recognition of their achievement in the program. A peer mentoring program is available for all U@UNSW students on arrival at UNSW to assist in settling into university life for their first year.

U@UNSW is offered as both an on-campus and online program

No matter which program students participate in, every U@UNSW student is supported every step of the way to achieve their goals.


U@UNSW has been a great experience, full of excitement and knowledge. Understanding the campus life and the expectations of universities is truly a privilege and an experience most definitely to be of use in our coming future.

​high school student